joi, 4 august 2016

How can you discover the best real estate softwre

In the last couple of months I was working really hard in the real estate industry - I had also an older experience from the 90s - which makes our real estate agency some kind of dinosaur between the newly formed companies, but truth be told, this dinosaur (I mean my small company) managed to adapt to the ages and to the new eras - the era of internet, the era of mobile, smartphones, we were some of the first companies that invested in online, in search engine optimization, in social media advertising campaigns and so on.

To tell the complete truth, basically we were some sort of an underdog in the field of real estate, as we were a small company with only 3 or 4 employees in the beginning, but we managed to grow a lot with the internet.

As I was telling earlier, we invested in a website (a very modern website made with phpnuke - probably the best CMS of its time) and we developed from there our search engine optimization strategy, our advertisement campaigns (that were als quite cheap) at least if we compare with the outdoor campaigns that sme bigger companies were doing back then.s

And in the end... look carefullyat us... at what we became after we survived depression, we managed t improeve our ranking in this field and we are still getting some of the best software solutions available in the market - like the Tour Wizard real estate virtual tour software, which is probably the best subscription based software (SAAS) that someone can use in the real estate field.

Also the most interesteing thing is that not all the real estate companies managed to adapt to the information and to world wide web era, and those companies died, like the dinosaurs thousands or milions of years ago.

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