sâmbătă, 30 aprilie 2016

Virtual tours with tourwizard

Recently I have discovered a really neat tool that I can use in making my life easier at work. And no, it is not a CRM, a time management tool, or any kind of software related to organizing myself better as in fact it works directly with my potential clients.

If you don't know already, I am working in the real estate industry, where I have to do a lot of work with people, with curious people, with strange people, but also with nice and very interesting people. The only problem with dealing on a daily basis with a lot of people is that at a certain point you will get sick and tired with doing this over and over. And also... when you have a strange property, that you really have to sell, you will do a lot of visits with different people, and the apartment will not sell.

Now... I have found a solution in improving my look to sell ratio, which consists in creating a virtual tour, which in fact is a great way of improving my skills with pictures, of arranging everything like on a stage or like in a theater decoration.

At first I was afraid that I won't be able to configure a virtual tour by myself,  but I was impressed with the ease of use in the platform provided by tourwizard.net - it is obvious that even if a non technical person like me can do that (and by that I mean a really nice virtual tour) then anyone should be able to do it.

Now after 3 months of doing those virtual tours i have to say that those tours made with tourwizard.net will help a lot with the visits - as now ony the really interested people are visiting the properties that I am selling.

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